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Catholic Classes is an exploration of our relationship with God, our language, and our community. It is meant to be a dialog, not a lecture. It is focused in two areas of parish life – the Catechumenate and adult continuing education. It is produced by a team of lay people using scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Catholic liturgical prayer, music, references for in-depth reading, and questions for discussion. Subscribe to the following feeds to receive the free download as they become available.

Liturgy of the Hours is now called Divine Office and has a new home on the web that is exclusively focused on the Liturgy of the Hours.  Please visit and enjoy the free daily audio scriptures, prayers and music.

Catechumenate Podcast Series

This podcast is an accessible dialogue on sound theology for people who are interested in knowing more about Catholicism. Interested people join practicing Catholics for an exploration of our relationship with God, our language, and our community. This search is called the Catechumenate. This series of podcasts corresponds with the Catechumenate for this liturgical year. Though the podcasts derive from one parish’s Catechumenate (St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Holladay, Utah), everyone who is interested in Christianity, especially from a Catholic perspective is a welcomed participant. Each podcast, and often a series of podcasts, link to an actual session at the parish. They extend the actual sessions’ theme and discussions.Subscribe for free here or on iTunes(feeds.catholicclasses.org/catechumenate)

PACE Podcast Series

This podcast is an accessible dialogue of sound Catholic theology for adult Catholics who seek a vigorous faith life. Here, on-going conversion is nourished, challenged and matures. This podcast, and it’s series of podcasts, link to a virtual on-line parish program which parishioners register for and receive print materials focused on each module. Other listeners, may contact us and order the materials as well. The dialogue here intends to stimulate real world behavior towards the peace of the Lord (in Italian, the word is pace) – the peace of God’s will done on earth as it is in heaven. Please, won’t you join us in listening responsively to this good news of peace?!Subscribe for free here or on iTunes

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