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CCTD012 The Greatest Gift (Holy Spirit)

Posted in Catechumenate by Dane on the January 12th, 2010
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The Holy Spirit is not a power or energy — not to be confused with the “force” (though, perhaps understandable as a metaphor for the influence of the Holy Spirit). The Holy Spirit is a real person “the identity of the love cited in 1 John 4:8Open Link in New Window, “God is love.” Though the world neither sees nor knows Spirit, according to John’s Gospel, we can plainly recognize the work of the Spirit. This podcast explores the work of the Spirit delving into some definitions, some aspects of the Spirit throughout salvation history, and some naming of signs and manifestations of the Spirit. These discussion points are key to understanding who the Spirit is, the Spirit’s role in salvation, and ultimately out relationship with the Spirit. They make it plain that the Spirit is God’s greatest gift.The Spirit is immanent in all of God’s saving work. The Holy Spirit has been present in this world since the first moment of creation. The Spirit is the principle of life, without whom nothing would exist or continue to be. The Creed calls the Spirit, “the Lord and Giver of life.” The Spirit’s authorship of life is evident throughout salvation history. The Spirit’s presence guides people and reveals to them, God. Thus the Spirit “sanctifies” life. This the Spirit’s role throughout scripture climaxing in Jesus’ promise to the Church of the Spirit’s fullest strength. The Spirit remains with the Church and will stay until the end of time.The Spirit is manifest and signed “works made visible, through holy water, holy oil, holy fire, holy light, and holy hands. The dove, since ancient times has symbolized the presence of God’s Spirit. This work guides the development and understanding of scripture and tradition, the teaching offices of the Church, the disposition of faithful hearts in witness, service, and prayer  all to our communion with Christ.Surely then, since it is the Spirit who enables us to share in the reign of God on earth as it is in heaven, it follows that life in the Spirit fulfills our vocation on earth and the Holy Spirit is our guarantee and the reason we hope. This greatest gift of love, is “poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us!” The more we live in this love, the more we are able to give of ourselves, forgive repeatedly, share daily what we have, and be more patient, kind, faithful and gentle of heart. This love “the Spirit’s presence in our lives, assures us of all that has been revealed and promised to us in Christ. Baptized into Christ, we are ourselves anointed by the Spirit of Love. And in that Spirit we become adopted children of God the greatest gift!

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