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CCTD013 Our True Home (Trinity)

Posted in Catechumenate by Dane on the January 19th, 2010
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As the gospel according to John suggests in chapter 14, we can grow to think of ourselves as a dwelling for the Trinity; God making a divine home in us. This podcast explores the mystery of the Blessed Trinity. It considers how the Trinity was revealed by God to us, how the Church received and expressed the revelation, and how we understand the words and deeds of God undertaken by  the Father, Son and Spirit.

This Blessed Trinity is not illogical, nor contradictory, unreasonable or oppositional to belief in one God. It is a mystery of depth, not incomprehensibility. Our faith convinces us that the Trinity of God the Father who made us out of love, and God the Son who came among us to save us out of love, and God the Holy Spirit who infuses us with love and who sustains us in the Church will be revealed to us at the very hour we are welcomed into Heaven. This everlasting dwelling place, the Kingdom of the Blessed Trinity, is our true home.

Our faith, as Christ so often emphasized, is of central importance to our lives. Our faith gives us the strongest, most certain assurance that the world of the supernatural is not an empty dream. Faith allows us to respond to God’s invitation to friendship. Faith allows us to be wrapped up in God’s arms, as it were, to allow ourselves to be loved by the God who lives among us and wants us close to the divine heart and live in the divine company.

Trinity faith is the story of tremendous, powerful, and life-changing love. In it, we are baptized and the promise of life is established. In it the words and deeds of God’s plan of loving goodness towards us is carried out in a three-fold manner: creating, redeeming, and sanctifying us. Just as in any relationship, we come to know another and ourselves more in actions than simply in words. So it is with God. God’s actions in word and deed tell us about God. In these actions three characteristics become more and more evident: unity, distinction and relationship.

Ever deepening understanding of the Trinity means paying attention to the action of the Trinity in our lives; being aware and appreciative of just how the divine family of love accompanies us and invites us to holy communion. Then our faith makes all the difference in how we live and move and have our being. It allows us to express our faith: belief in one God, and what God reveals to us; belief in Jesus Christ, God’s Word made flesh, the one who dwells among us; and belief in the Holy Spirit in whom we find strength, courage and the insight of faith. In Trinity faith we find our true home.

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